As a child, author Dr. Mutsa Majero had a very vivid imagination, and a strong interest in reading and writing – all of which kept her out of a great deal of trouble! Mutsa's parents instilled the importance of education at a young age, and she inherited her father's love for reading and talent for writing. Mutsa's passion for writing multicultural children’s books is fueled by her love of education, cross-cultural issues, and working with children. Mutsa was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and currently lives in America. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in International Psychology.


Meet Chipo is Mutsa's big debut. What began as an idea to give her nieces and nephews who are growing up in America an idea of the life of a child growing up in Zimbabwe, slowly blossomed into this exciting multicultural children's book. Meet Chipo is a part of a series of books that Mutsa hopes will educate, empower, and inspire young children. 

Mutsa is also very passionate about issues related to empowering women and children. She aspires to be a voice for women and children in fields of mental health, education, human rights, and other related issues.